Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers of Connecticut – Bristol is conveniently located at 72 Pine Street, in the same building as Bristol Hearing Aids LLC. At our practice, we strive to provide the best physical therapy services for those living in Bristol, CT. To schedule your appointment or send over patient information, you can give us a call at (860) 585-5800.


At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers of Connecticut – Bristol, we employ a series of sophisticated diagnostic measures, such as movement investigation and gait analysis, in order to determine the root of your problem and establish the best course of treatment for your needs. Our treatment plans are custom-tailored to each patient, containing a combination of conventional orthopedic and neuromuscular tools, paired with the most advanced technology.


Our conservative methods and modalities are instrumental in providing patients with the pain relief and recovery resources they need to achieve their physical goals. Some of our specialty services include manual therapy, McKenzie method, therapeutic exercise, ultrasound, kinesio taping, Footmaxx Orthotics, vestibular rehabilitation, massage therapy, Mulligan technique, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, concussion therapy, electronic stimulation, Body Q, balance therapy, pre-surgical rehabilitation, and post-surgical rehabilitation.


We are prepared to treat any pain, injury, or ailment you may be experiencing. Some common conditions we treat include back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, elbow/wrist/hand pain, motor vehicle accident injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, women’s health, sports injuries, concussions, neck pain, hip and knee pain, foot and ankle pain, balance and gait disorders, torticollis, neurological disorders, work injuries, vertigo, and overall chronic pain.


Our experienced team at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers of Connecticut – Bristol is comprised of Dr. Jennifer Brester, DPT, Certified MDT, Clinical Director; Dr. Amanda Martin, DPT, CSCS; Dr. Jocelyn Ceruti, DPT; and Erin Magee, Client Care Specialist. Our team is compassionate, caring, and dedicated to helping you achieve your highest levels of physical function. They aim not only to relieve the pain you are currently feeling, but to prevent future pain from occurring, as well.


We are happy to say that our treatment plans are designed for the unique needs of every patient we see. We are passionate about helping the community in Bristol, CT, and we can confidently say that physical therapy is the most effective way to achieve natural pain relief. In many cases, it can even eliminate the need for harmful drugs or surgical correction. If you are looking for pain relief in Bristol, look no further! Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and get started on the path toward recovery and relief.



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