Patient Testimonials

  • “Hello my name is Maddyson and I have been dealing with hip and back pain for a few years. I have gone to many doctors and had a lot of therapy with no relief. After a few seasons with Brian and the McKenzie Spine Care, I began to feel much better.

    When my symptoms would get worse they were immediately addressed and fixed. I was also given exercises that I could do on my own. I would like to thank the staff at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance in Southington for helping me on my road to recovery.”


  • “I came in 1 month ago injured, hardly able to walk with knee pain. One month later I am better than ever. My injury was treated quickly. The swelling was controlled and brought down very fast. I was given important information on how to care for this injury at home during the day. I also purchased some 110% compression stockings that made a huge difference. I was also given information on how to continue running and get back on track. Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, very impressive people. Thanks Amy and Brian and everyone at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance.”

    Tony B.

  • “I came to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance in May with foot pain. Jen took the time to go over my treatment plan with hopes that it would give me some relief. I’m so proud to say that I’m on the mend and my feet are feeling much better!

    I would highly recommend the compression socks from 110% Play Harder, not only are they good for your feet, they are great for your legs as well. I love them so much I had them order me another pair!”


  • “Before physical therapy I was in a significant amount of knee pain when walking up and down stairs and going from sitting to walking. The exercises were demonstrated and documented so I understood exactly what to do. Slowly but surely the work paid off. I’m now pain free in those areas and will continue working the plan to strengthen my leg. It was a great experience and I’m grateful for the help.”


  • “Everything about FYZICAL Therapy & Balance is wonderful!

    I could not be happier with the results of my total knee replacement. My physical therapy visits with Kaitlyn allowed me to progress quicker than I ever expected. Kaitlyn answered all of my questions and always solved my aches and pains. The instructions for exercises and stretches to do at home relieved my discomfort and increased my mobility. I highly recommend FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center in Southington.”

    The hurdles are a tool used to increase knee functional mobility and improve single limb balance.

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    Paula – Hurtles

  • “After my knee replacement surgery my ROM was very limited. Keith, my therapist, helped me to achieve my goal of walking, bending, stairs, and just getting my life back to normal without pain! I had a remarkable experience!!

    Thank you to the whole staff and special thanks to Erin who was always friendly and helpful at the front desk.”

    Priscilla C.

  • “Both my husband and I are extremely pleased with the professionalism and dedication to our individual therapeutic needs. I had a balance issue and my husband had neck pain. We found everyone very helpful and friendly. We highly recommend FYZICAL and the McKenzie Spine Care clinic to anyone seeking therapeutic needs.
    The staff is the VERY BEST!”

    Ralph and Patricia S.

  • “I will miss coming to the clinic and seeing Amy and Kait, they were always very enthusiastic and helpful with any questions and concerns I had. My neck pain and back pain are now manageable with the guidance Kait provided and the McKenzie Spine Care system.”


  • “I am a plumber, I am always going up and down stairs with heavy tools or plumbing fixtures. Three weeks ago I tore my right calf muscle, soft tissue injury, and could barely move.

    It happened on a Sunday and I was in the office Monday morning 8:00 am. Diagnosis and approxmate time to heal was 3 weeks almost to the day! Amazing staff, amazing facility!”

    Phil C.